Here’s a Power Strategy to Attract & Close Clients…

How to Use “Reputation Audits” to Get Your Foot in the Door & Close Deals FAST!

We’ve Re-Opened Access for Reputation Agency Accelerator Members Only – But Only While You’re On This Pag
Here’s an unfortunate reality for most business owners…

They don’t know what they don’t know.

And when it comes to their online business reputation and their overall marketability, most owners don’t know if they grade out at an A or an absolute failure.

Local Analyzer allows you to take a deep dive into any potential client or their competitors…

And then deliver them an audit that looks not just at reputation, but at 4 key areas:
  1. Reputation
  2. Social Media
  3. Traffic
  4. Website 

In my experience, the first time most owners see this report is the first time they realize they have a problem (or, how big of a problem they have).

The key to building a lasting business that can generate consistent monthly income is to provide solutions to someone’s biggest problems.

That’s why Local Analyzer is the perfect companion for any Reputation Agency owner – or any marketer, really…

And why I wanted to open up this exclusive opportunity to subscribe to Local Analyzer today.

But to be clear… Local Analyzer is currently NOT available on our website or to the general public.

It is ONLY available on this page and you won’t see it again.
Add Local Analyzer & For Just $199/Year
Local Analyzer is not currently open for general purchase. As a new Reputation Agency Accelerator Member, you can get backdoor access for just $199 per year.

Yes! Give Me 1 Year of Local Analyzer for Just $199!

Here’s Everything Included with Local Analyzer…

NEW Online Review Gap Analysis!

✅ Quickly deliver the NEW Review Analysis from their raving customer reviews!

✅ Easily educate prospects on the "gap" between the best rave reviews and current web copy.

✅ It's not a one-time service ... a perfect strategy to help businesses optimize every single month.


NEW Website Keyword Analysis!

Identify the top Latent Semantic Indexing [LSI] keywords to help the business rank on Google.

Each Key Word is analyzed for "gaps" against the existing copy on the business's website.

And the business analyzer AI delivers brand new optimized website copy to improve rankings.


NEW NEW Revenue Forecast Calculator!

✅ Don't just tell businesses the impact, rather show them the value your services can have on revenue!

If you have ever struggled to communicate the value of reputation marketing, this is for you!

With a simple annual estimate, show businesses how these services can impact future earnings!


PLUS ... New Member Bonuses
Landing Page Builder Unlock!
 Get instant access to our professionally designed landing page system with over 20 unique landing page templates for lucrative niches, including:

Dental, Contractor, Electrician, Accounting, Plummer, 
Optometry, Cleaning Company, Chiropractic Care, Physical Therapy, Attorney, Automotive AND MORE!
Includes 20+ Training Modules!
Learn 17 Quick Close Strategies + Get 4 Case Studies!
Bonus Includes...
➡️ Get On-Demand Access to exclusive training and learn 17 unique services you can sell on the first call and then fulfill for huge profits!

➡️Plus, unlock 4 unique Local Analyzer case studies!

Bonus Features Include... 


➡️ Skip the step of going to a landing page...

➡️AND send a personalized report link for you to send out to 100’s of emails with private links in them!

➡️Just imagine... sending out an email with a secret link that allows someone just to click on the link and instantly pull a report!

Secret Facebook Traffic Strategies Training!
Bonus Includes...
➡️ We hired one of the top Facebook marketers in the world and invested over $2500 to help walk you through step by step!
👉 Learn how to generate Leads at push button speed on autopilot!

🚦 Learn the traffic secrets from one of the worlds leading experts!

🚀 Drive more traffic to your landing pages even while you sleep!

Show Your Prospects the
Big Picture Right Away!

✅ Show prospects instant growth opportunities in their Online Reviews, Social Media, Website & Branding

Get a Wow-Reaction when prospects see how they score in each of the 4 critical areas of their marketing

Expose Key Missing
Local Directory Listings!

Show their directory visibility on 21 key websites! 

Watch their surprise when they see how many directories they are missing out on!

Every listing has a call to action that leads back to you!

Land New SEO Clients With

A Full On-Site Ranking Analysis!

✅ Show them the errors costing them rankings and business!

Provide a full SEO website audit including 14 critical on-page ranking factors.

Reveal critical details like page load speed, NAP structured data, keyword usage, and meta details!

Land New Reputation Clients With Detailed Online Reputation Insights!

Spark an instant emotional response when prospects see all the review directories they had no idea they were left out from!

Leverage a Sentiment Analysis to uncover trends in their business and become the instant authority!

Reveal negative reviews that underscore their need for your services!

Visually Expose Social Media
Branding Flaws!
Visually Expose Social Media
Branding Flaws!

✅ Show the difference between professional and amateur social media branding to create an instant “Can You Help me!” response!

✅ Selling Social Covers & Social Media Branding has NEVER been easier!

✅ Pinpoint the gaps in professional social media branding for any local business!

Sell More Video, Traffic & Website
Redesign Services!

Expose the video rankings of any business to reveal instant opportunity on Search, Youtube, and Business Sites!
✅Instantly expose a lack of Retargeting and open the door to new retargeting deals
✅Instantly check for Google Analytics tracking code for a quick foot in the door offer with 5 minute fulfilment!
✅Reveal a huge Website flaw in slow loading Website & unlock more Website-Redesign opportunities!

ALL of This So You Can Generate Warm Leads Everyday, Even While You Sleep!

Instantly create professionally designed landing pages so when prospects realize the opportunity you can deliver, you can capitalize!

Build DFY automated funnels so you can give them the opportunity to generate their own report & capture them as a hot lead!

With our drag & drop editor we've made editing and adjusting the designs as easy as editing a google doc!

Ready To Join The Success Stories?


This is Your Chance To Join The Success Stories And
Boost Your Local Analyzer Success With RepKahuna!


+ Thousands In Exclusive DFY Bonuses & Training For...


only $199/yr!


Individual experience may not be typical. Experiences are examples not guarantees of success.
Circumstances, background and effort may affect your experience. Results may vary.
... Still Have Questions?

How Can Review Pops Boost My Success With Local Analyzer? 

You already have step-by-step strategies to quickly identify your best future customers with Local Analyzer... And now with ReviewPops, we give you step-by-step strategies on how to sell all of those businesses with missed reputation opportunities!

How Many ReviewPops Can I Make For 1 Business & What Should I Charge Them?

Great Question! To keep it simple, think of it like this: each business gets 1 Review Pop for their entire website. And to help you crush it to get customers fast, you can charge $99 for the entire year, or $49 a month!


So, How Many Businesses Are Included With Review Pops?

For a limited time only, you'll have 10 businesses inside your account so that you can have the power to maximize your opportunity with even more clients!


Can You Change The Call To Action On The Review Pop?

Yes! With Review Pops you can easily change the call to action to: click to call, set an appointment, schedule a call, or any link redirect you want!


Will New Reviews Accumulate After I Put In The Widget & Can I Mix 4 and 5 Star Reviews?

Of course!  New reviews are instantly live streamed to the website when a new one appears on Google, and you can mix 4 and 5 star reviews!


How Fast Can I Get Started Seeing Results And Making Money With Review Pops?

To get on the path to new revenue with ReviewPops, simply follow our exclusive training, proprietary lead gen campaigns and on average you can expect to land 3-4 new customers.

Plus, to help provide a complete turn-key experience for you, we’ve included DFY scripts to follow up with prospects, slide decks, residual strategies and a dedicated Support Team to answer your questions during the week via support ticket and Friday live trainings so you can get started fast! 


How Does Review Pops Fit In With Paid Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Funnels etc.?

Historically, the website is the ONLY thing that’s 100% owned and controlled by a business. So, all roads (Paid Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Funnels etc.) lead to the website.

Plus, since every business with a website needs a ReviewPop, you now have an incredible opportunity for your agency to grow like never before!


So, what’s The Best Niche To Go After Then?

Every niche website needs this for their customer journey. So, choosing a niche is easy. Simply choose any industry that you like to work with and follow our proprietary strategies to get started! 


Don't Miss Out On Having

The Perfect 1-2 Punch For Local Analyzer!


Add Local Analyzer & For Just $199/Year
Local Analyzer is not currently open for general purchase. As a new Reputation Agency Accelerator Member, you can get backdoor access for just $199 per year.
only $199/yr!

Yes! Give Me 1 Year of Local Analyzer!

No Thanks, I Don't Want an Easy Service To Sell With Local Analyzer...

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