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Because at the last minute we decided to put together a complete no-brainer One Time Offer to anyone serious about Reputation Marketing. 

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IMPORTANT DISCLOSURE : By Opting in You Agree to a Reasonable Use that Prohibits abuse or sharing of this account. We reserve the right to make any changes to this Policy at any time. 

What Rep Kahuna Can Do For You...
5 Star Reviews

Simon S.

Had a win from Rest Strategy. An old insurance client from 1998 who later became my go to logo design lady in 2008, introduced me to a Mortgage Broker who she is working with atm.

Rep Kahuna for $1500 setup and $697pm. You just never know…

Guy B.

Just received set up payment! Closed new Rep Kahuna client for $1497 set up & $997/month!

Shot in the arm I needed to get refocused & motivated! Thanks to David for the motivation & support! 

Sherry B.

I’m so excited! I had THE best sales call ever with a training company/school today!

When I showed them the price for Rep Kahuna with $1,000 setup and $697/mo. for 12 months, he said “That’s reasonable.” (Of course my first thought was, “Crap! Why didn’t I add another $200/mo.???)